Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Little Things

Me and my two beautiful sisters
     There are small things that make up each of us: the foods we grew up with, the type of music we listened to, whether we went to church or not, and other things like that.  Each of us have a unique arrangement of people, events, choices, and small little details that make us who we are.  We have similarities that draw us to certain people and likewise, differences that keep us away from those we think we wouldn't like or get along with. Some of us are interested in anything and everything, while others devote their lives to one thing or maybe just a few.
     I think it's the little thing in life that make us who we are. It's whether we slept with a night light on or not as a young child. It's whether you lived in the city, the suburbans, or the country. Was there a library nearby or did you rely on the books in your house? If there was very many or not? Do you talk to strangers or follow the rule you were told as a kid to "stay away from strangers and don't talk to them"? Did your parents read to you and take you on picnics to the park and beach? What type of school did you go to? Were chores a mandatory or did you get paid or not have to do them at all?  As a child there are so many things that make us who we are later. Some are major events and ways of living such as the type of school you went to, whether your parents were divorced or not, or if you grew up in the church or hardly went at all. Then there are the things we never think about, like whether we talked to elderly ladies very often or if there was a window in our room.
     Everyday I like to notice something small that I do, and I ask myself, "Why do I this? When did I start?" Like yesterday, when I wanted my blinds to stay shut while the fan was wildly blowing them apart, I reached for my hair clip and used it to keep them together. This idea probably came from when we built forts as kids with blankets and used lots of clips to hold them together. Even the fact that we built forts and pretended to be Indians or treasure hunters is most likely one of the reasons that I love to write stories or sit in my room just imagining and dreaming.
     What are the little details that you remember about your childhood? What are the people, events, and choices that you made that changed your life? Think about it and the stitches of life that made you a unique blanket to show the world. Ask yourself today what are the little things in life  that make you who you are? What do you want your kids to remember made them who they are? It's not just the main events of our life growing up, it's the little details of life that make us who we are, and each day we can find something that will change us forever, even if it's just a small change.

Monday, July 23, 2012

My School Life and The Last Few Months

I'm a bit of nerd too!
     Since this is my first blog post, I thought I would share a little about me.  First, and most importantly, I am a Christian. After years of growing up in the church and trying to do the right thing, I finally gave my whole life to God, trusting Him with it. I want to tell you that the feeling of the Holy Spirit coming into you is absolutely amazing; I'll never forget it. Secondly, I'm a homeschooler. I like to say that "once a homeschooler, always a homeschooler." ;) Because of the experiences I have had in schooling, I'll probable mention it a lot. I have plenty ideas and opinions that I'll share on the topic of education in America. For now, I'll give you the rundown of my school life as well as why I'm still in the middle of tenth grade when it's halfway through summer.
     K-3 I was homeschooled. Then, in fourth grade I started going to Holly Academy (a great place). For high school, I began in a public school, but halfway through tenth grade I began to miss the life of homeschooling. It took a while to convince my parents, and I probable could have approached it differently, but we eventually made the switch back to homeschooling right smack dab in the middle of December, just before Christmas break! This led to the purchasing of books to be delayed, and therefore, I didn't get my books ordered until halfway through January. By March all my books were in and I really began homeschooling. Of course, then April came, and with 1 week of distracting kids, 1 week of vacation, and 1 week of housecleaning and preparing for that vacation, time slipped from my fingers and I got further and further behind. May was a successful, hardworking month, but coming into June, I knew I wasn't going to be done anytime soon. June was a busy month; between planning for a birthday party and a missions trip, two more weeks were chopped out of my school time. July brought another week of vacation where I mostly relaxed from the busy June. The rest of my summer is free, but after summer vacation, it took a while to get back on track. Okay, it took a week. :( So here I am in the fourth week of July, still trying to get back to a 100% normal schedule. I'm halfway through tenth grade, which is okay considering I've only been able to work on it 3 1/2 months (that is after you take out the weeks I couldn't work on it). 
Fav nail polsh color, my sketch book,
and my art journal.
     This fall I'm hoping to be done with tenth grade so I can order my junior yr of books soon (yes, I'm homeschooling again next year). I'll also be attending a skill center for a Viscom class. It will have art, graphic designs, photography, and something with movies. I'm really excited!
      Alright, I suppose that's enough for my first blog post. Two big things about me (three if you picked up on the class I'm taking) and the last few months of my life. :) I'll make sure to post something about all my hobbies, and I'm sure everyone will find something they connect with. I'm practically interested in everything! Ciao for now!