Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Back Into The Fantasy World

Remember those days when you thought all the fairy tales were real? Those days when you pretended you were a mermaid or a fairy or flying on a magic carpet? As a little girl, I used to think fairies really were real. I thought they hid in the walls of our bathroom where there were tons of sparkles (really caused by hairspray from my mom). Everytime someone said that fairies weren't real I would start chanting, "I believe in fairies. I believes in fairies." Louder and louder, just like they did in Peter Pan. Eventually I realized they weren't real. But I still love to imagine all those fantasy beings.
I love to dream of elves and dragons and dwarves. I'm sure as a child, many people did. And when we were on a carpet, it was a magic flying carpet like in Aladdin. When we swam, we were mermaids. Jumping off the couch we were flying like Superman.
Growing up, we were still fasanated with these powers or abilities these fantasy characters had. We would ask each other whether you would want to be able to fly or breath under water. I have always said that between the superhuman powers of flying or breathing under water that being able to enter the mermaid world would be far cooler. There are so many things undiscovered in the ocean! Well it seems that there are real life mermaids out there. Some people didn't have to imagine they were mermaids when swimming in their pools. These people can hold their breath for long periods. They dive incredible depths without oxygen tanks or wet suits. Hannah Fraser used to build her own mermaid tails and swim around in her pool. Watch the video! Some of the things this girl has done are so cool!

Real-Life Mermaids on 20/20: Hannah Fraser and Linden Wolbert

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  1. I have never seen anything like this! Fantasy world indeed. I'm not sure whether to admire these women or question their sanity, but I love the fact that they are doing something so unique, not to mention gutsy.