Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Happy Tuesdays

Listening: to The Popular Recordings of Glenn Miller (love that 40's music!)
A Few of My Favorite Things: the breeze, two new Alice in Wonderland folders (love!), that bag (absolutely adorable)
Doing: Pre-Calc (no fun there)
Thinking: about inspirational things (hence the brown organizer, which holds all my notebooks, and I'm absolutely loving it right now!)
To Come: pictures came in from my first two rolls of film (yah!)

A Few More Things From Today

The view from below, looking through the tree branches, the sun peeping through
Loved the trees and clouds of this picture
This picture didn't turn out quite like I thought, but it's still pretty.
I was trying to focus on some cool weeds in the middle, but the ipod doesn't do that.

I only put this picture in here because I loved how light
my hair looked will all the natural highlights. :)

This post was inspired by Her Library Adventures. Particularly this post: Mine isn't as wonderful because of the rushed time I did it. Although, overtime hopefully I'll learn how to create a quick post. I'm still experimenting on different styles.
(Sorry about the last three picture being smaller and their captions normal text. The bar used to change sizes and add captions won't show up, hence why this is posted Wednesday even though it was from Yesterday (I waited to see if it would be different today- it wasn't). I'll try to change it in the future, but for now, it's like it is.)

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