Friday, August 10, 2012

Things That Made My Day

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Blogs I Found:
Just found out the author of Riyria Revelations has a blog for the series! This really made my day! Check it out here: But do yourself a favor, and don't read what the other books are about because they give away a lot of stuff if you haven't read the whole series!
Second blog I found, oh! and (which I have to mention because of their blog title: Awkward Girls) As for "i do nice things" blog, I love it! She has lovely posts and lots of pictures! Check her out! And as for this other blog called Awkward Girls, I love the title. You see, once upon a time on a missions trip with a lot of people there I wrote Awkward on my name tag just to be well, awkward lol. (Alright it was a funny thing because we were just talking about it. The act wasn't done in a creeper kind of way!) The thing is, I wrote Awkard instead of Awkward. In my mind I thought it was spelled perfectly right. (ah!) And standing in an elevator full of teens, my friend points out that I spelled awkward wrong. Of course, I opened my mouth in protest as the dumb blonde and said, "No I didn't!" Haha! One of the teen boys took it in his mind to correct me and someone (maybe me in my dorky embaressment) said that it was great because it made the name tag even more awkward. Oh fun days :)
Books I'm Reading:
Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography- I'm reading it for school, but it's great! And really I've already read it twice for this one unit, but I'm going to say that skimming through it for quotes is as good as calling it a current read. Plus, I couldn't NOT mention it! :)
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Other Writings by Washington Irving- Alright, this one's for school, but I'm reading ahead in my units (probably not a good idea lol). I read "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" and "Rip Van Winkle". Between the two I prefer the last over the former. I don't like scary stories or movies! Not for me!
The Last of the Mohicans- I'm trying to get into this book so that I feel motivated to get my current paper done because once again, this is from a future unit. However, I'm only two chapters in and it just isn't catching me. It's rather confusing with all the M names! But hopefully I get into it more. :)
Honey for a Teen's Heart: Using Books to Communicate with Teens- More on that book in a later post seeing as it is SO good!
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers- How I manage to be reading this books at one time, I have no idea, but this is one of my fav series all time! This, the Inheritance Cycle, and the Riyria Revelations. Get an idea of what kind of books I like? lol (For those who haven't read any of these, they all have elves, magic, and technically dragon type creatures) I don't think Lord of the Rings needs any more discussion, other than I love the series!
All the photography books I'm
reading right now!
Ansel Adams Autobiography: Seriously one of the best autobiographies I've ever read! This and Ben's from up above! I never read autobiographies before Franklin's and now I seem to have fit three in recently! (I tried to read Yanni's but it was a bit too naughty and so I had to put that away, sadly, since I love that man's music!) Ansel Adams wrote this book with lots of stories, which is just what I like to hear from elderly people. (Although Franklin "speaks" in a more elderly tone.)
I'm also reading various photography books, but seeing as my list of books is growing far longer than I thought it was, I'll have to do a different post sometimes within the week on the books I have. I have to mention one right now though. And that's Expressive Photography by The Shutter Sisters. It's so amazing! Check out their blog as well!

Music I'm Listening to: Lots of Jason Mraz!
"Geek in The Pink" and "Love for a Child" by Jason Mraz
"Drops of Jupiter" by Train
"Keep Your Head Up" by Andy Grammer
The Little Things Making Me Happy:
-ChapStick Moisterizer Green Apple
-BALI Mango lotion from Bath & Body Works (where else would you get great lotion!)
-The fact that Shabby Apple has a Mad Hatter collection :) (Just found this site and I love all their dresses! Awkward Girls is having a giveaway for $100 gift card that ends tonight!) P.S. Shabby Apple is about modest, cute clothing. Isn't that awesome!
-My iPod docking station
This simple post has turned into quite the long list of books! Haha! So sorry, though each book was worth words to mention :) One more little news update: I have a tumblr! It has quicker, unfinished blog posts as well as reblogging of things I find interesting. Check it out! Oh! And it has quotes and stuff like that. It also has expansions of twitter posts which will probably end up as polished posts here. Well, alright I'm only thinking of one. ;) I just saw Hugo and I'll be doing a review on it this weekend :)
P.S. I have had over 100 pageviews! Granted, I'm sure 1/4 of them are probably mine for when I didn't have the "Don't count your visits as pageviews" setting on, but it's still a marker and a big leap from having a big 0 up there all the time. I definitely saw the jump when I made a facebook page! But, it could be from my pinterest or twitter as well. It doesn't matter because that's a BIG thing that has made me happy today!

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  1. Are you reading through the Top 100 list too? Sounds like it. :) Cute blog! Glad we found each other!