Friday, August 10, 2012

Best Music Video Ever!

This video was so cool, I had to make a post just for it! ;) I've never heard of this band nor heard this song, but wow! Just watch it- they made a musical instrument out of a car. A car and some seriously smart engineering and musical talent. It's so cool! I can't describe it!
P.S. speaking of instruments, I need a ukulele. Everytime I hear a song with it, I think, "I would love to play that all day if only I had a uke!" I already play the guitar and a few other instruments, so picking up a uke wouldn't be too hard. :) Any suggestions as to what brand?
*Extra Fact About Me: I love to write songs! Mostly the lyrics and the guitar part. I mostly improv for piano parts, so that's dif every time (!) Right now when I write lyrics, I usually have an idea of what I want the music to be, but I'm not particularly talented in a wide range of my multiple instruments so I'm stuck with what I know. I'm really itching to get a uke right now though because a few songs I've written recently I have guitar chords to but I envision a ukulele. And to have uke part, I would spend hours figuring out the ukulele so I know enough to make my songs!
Oh, and for those guitar players out there, I have a great app on my iPod I have to mention called All Guitar Chords! And for piano players, another app called Chord Picker- Play Piano. Although, I have most chords memorized for these two instruments (at least the chords that I use often), I like to have the apps for the occasional crazy chord you find! But none of these instruments I've mentioned compare to this car playing instruments. :) Watch it if you haven't yet! You won't be dissapointed by this music video!

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